Athlete Advisory Program

Athlete Advisory Program

Join our Advisory Program as a Brand Ambassador and elevate the sport or fitness category you love!

Become a Sports & Fitness Ambassador

Become a Sports & Fitness Ambassador

Sports & Fitness Ambassadors are spokespersons for their sport or fitness category. They exemplify everything about the game, sportsmanship, rallying for the cause, and showing a dedication and love for their exercise of choice in everything they do. Are you beyond passionate about your favorite athletic endeavor? Do you want to see it come to life in ways that only outreach as a Brand Ambassador can accomplish? If so, get in touch with CoachList!

Many sports & fitness categories have open opportunities for CoachList Brand Ambassadors

Athlete Advisory Program participation will generate brand awareness. This can include the following:

  • Press releases and video announcements
  • CoachList blog posts about the sport / fitness category you love
  • Tweets referencing the company and Ambassador's participation with the company, expected to reach over 20 million athletes per quarter
  • Hosting clinics with a minimum of 50 consumers participating
  • Being a model spokesperson for sports & fitness and the brand to bring awareness and passion to the game

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Sports Ambassadors

Benefits of Becoming a Brand Ambassador

As a Brand Ambassador for your favorite sport or fitness category in our Athletes Advisory Program, you will be one of only two Ambassadors in your field. Brand Ambassadors get special privileges and recognition for your participation in bringing a fresh level of excitement and commitment to your sport. Earned benefits, compensation, special privileges and honoring are part of this prestigious program. Apply to find out more!


  • Household name Athletes who are Advisors
  • Compensated for their involvement with CoachList
  • Compensation negotiated on an Athlete by Athlete basis


  • Athletic or Fitness masters who are or have competed at the highest levels in their category, and providers (coaches, instructors, teachers) that train Olympic and professional Athletes
  • Free placement within CoachList with optimized profiles
  • No Training Session Booking or any other fees!

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If you'd like to be part of our Athlete Advisory program as a Brand Ambassador, we are looking for enthusiastic and passionate people who have an in-depth knowledge of their sport category and a willingness to advise. Please contact us by filling in the form below.