Buddy Biancalana

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  • Baseball, Mental Preparation
  • San Anselmo, California

Independent Service Provider

Zone Motion Founder & Instructor

years of experience
    19 yrs Instructing

    Have trained athletes in 10 professional and 25 amateur sports.

    Clients include, Jeremy Affeldt, Matt Cain, Scott McCarron, Atlanta Braves, St. Louis Cardinals, U, of Michigan, Princeton University

    20 yrs Playing

    11 year professional carrer including five years in the Major Leagues.

    Starting shortstop for the Kansas City Royals in the World Series.

Training style & curriculum

Experiencing the Zone

In the 1985 World Series, Buddy Biancalana played better than he ever had. He wasn't thinking. He just played and had a Zone experience. After retiring, he was inspired to become baseball coach to pursue an understanding of what being "in the Zone" was and how to get in the Zone with intent rather than by chance. Zone Motion builds on remarkable advances in brain and sports research to deliver the world's first athlete-in-the-loop, on-field, Zone Training. Buddy has conducted four Independent studies and research projects that have proven Zone Motion to greatly increase performance, expedite the development and minimize soft tissue injuries.

about me

Zone Motion methodology is taught to athletes in either a one on one or group setting while the athlete is practicing their sport.

The coming Zone Motion Product:

The Zone Motion product will consist of Wearable Sensors and Downloadable Software that will provide the athlete with an easy-to-use bio-feedback app that guides them toward the Zone.

On-the-Field, Athlete-in-the-Loop Zone Training

The Zone Motion product will be used in practice and training sessions while the athlete is executing the motions that are essential elements of the athlete's sport.

Advanced Sensors and Artificial Intelligence

We will be using breakthrough sensor-optimized artificial intelligence provided by Rokio, Inc., www.rokioai.com. Our AI will leverage advanced consumer off the shelf human sensors to deliver real-time, on-field Zone training.

For Profesional Sports

Zone Motion will provide an advanced product package, together with direct consulting by Buddy Biancalana to professional sports teams, coaches and athletes.

For Amateur Sports

Zone Motion will provide an on-line purchase option for an amateur Zone Motion product including sensors, an app and video instructions.

The Future of Sports

The three legs of top athletic performance are nutrition/strength/speed, bio-mechanics and the brain-body interface. Professional teams are increasingly recognizing the importance of the brain in sports performance. All sports must move in the direction of the direct brain-body training that Zone Motion products and services enable.


    1982, Silver Glove for Best Minor League Shortstop, Rawlings


    American Sports Medicine Institute Study Showed Zone Motion Increased Pitchers Strike Rate by 13%, Reduced Fatigue, Shoulder and Arm Discomfort

    Conducted Research That Results Showed Zone Motion Provides Greater Shoulder and Elbow Support as Stated by Dr. Kevin Witte

    EEG Research Showed Zone Motion Methodology Increases Alpha and Theta Brain Waves

    First Round Draft Pick by the Kansas City Royals

    Member of Redwood High School National Championship Team

    Member of Redwood High School National Championship Team (Baseball)

    Starting Shortstop for World Champion Kansas City Royals

    Worth First Team High School All American

    Zone Motion Research Showed an Approximate 9.5% Increase in Pitchers Spin Rate

Buddy Biancalana
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    Private Training From: $260 / Session

    Group Training From: $50 / Session

    Clinics From: $60 / Session

    Team Training From: $50 / Session

offered to:

    gender: All, Male, Female, Non-binary

    ages: Adolescent (13-17), Collegiate (18-22), Adult, Seniors

    skill level: Advanced, Professional, Intermediate

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