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      In-Person & Online Sports Training & Fitness Instruction.

      Private training, lessons and group instruction, classes, clinics, camps and more – find every sport and fitness related category here.

      CoachList has every sport and fitness category at every level covered

      CoachList is the world’s leading marketplace for all sports & fitness related classes, clinics, camps, training and so much more - all to help you meet your performance or fitness goals

      Our most popular sports & fitness categories

      CoachList gives you access to services in over 140 major sports and fitness categories with over 800 specializations and disciplines. By providing you with one marketplace for all classes, camps, clinics, events, and sports & fitness industry training, as well as professionals in areas such as sports medicine, nutrition, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, conditioning, recruiting advice, video analysis, equipment fitting, mental skills training, and many more, you only need to search here for local or online service providers and sports-related business profiles to find the best fit to pursue your performance or fitness goals.


      Instructors, Trainers, Camps, Health Clubs, Training Facilities: Let CoachList be your Business Manager

      Let CoachList help you grow and manage your business:

      Getting Business

      We’re the best at getting found online, so you are too! We optimize our platform so search engines find you, and we pay to advertise for you - our service providers.

      Scheduling and Messaging

      As a service provider, you can spend a lot of time sending updates about what to bring, scheduling changes, reminders, updates and cancellations. Let CoachList automate communication for you.

      Managing Your Business

      We handle payment, finances, insurance, analyzing conversion rates and more to help you do what you do best: Help athletic & fitness consumers improve their fitness, performance, and skills.