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    Five simple, effective tips to help your running

    By Team CoachList

    Five simple, effective tips to help your running

    Summary: By loosening up, pumping your arms, hitting twelve, three, six, and nine o’clock with your legs, and slowing down your breathing, you’ll end your run with a better mindset, better times and motivation to go out and run again…

    Summer is the perfect time to go out for a run, but before you get out there make sure you are not making it harder on yourself than it should be.

    Here are five simple tips to help maintain proper running form and motivate you to improve your times…

    1) Loosen Up!

    Most amateur runners put pressure on themselves at the start their training to lose weight, beat their previous times, etc. This is understandable, but don’t let it tense up your hands and arms…

    According to WeckMethod, “Tension created from the fists restricts the movements of the arms and shoulders, which decrease running speed and efficiency.”

    In other words, focus running with loose hands and arms. If you are clenching your fists, you’ll end up adding unnecessary tension to your body and run…

    2) Pump Your Arms!

    While keeping your hands loose, remember to also pump your arms back and forth as you run. Strong pumps propel you forward, thereby taking some of the work off your legs. The Houston Chronicle recently posted an article with even more details on the mechanics of arms pumping, which you can read here!

    3) Run Around the Clock!

    When running, think of hitting twelve, three, six, and nine o’clock to keep perfect form. Here’s what we mean…

    • Bring your knees and legs up to the twelve o’clock position before each step.
    • Extended your legs out forwards towards three o’clock to get a full stride.
    • Bring your foot down to the six o’clock position because… you do not want to fall, obviously.
    • As you roll off your foot, get that leg back to nine o’clock to get a full push-off.

    Keeping your legs low and not extended may sound easier, but in reality it’s not effectively using your muscles.

    Full strides and full extension will be less effort and easier in the long run.

    4) Slow Down Your Breathing!

    Among the worst things you can do is try to catch breath rapidly to make up for your exhaustion. In fact, fast paced breathing will prevent your body from cycling out the carbon dioxide.

    So, pace your breathing…

    To learn more about the impact breathing when running, check out this book Budd Coates and Claire Kowalchik.

    5) Finish Strong!

    Save a little in the tank for the very end of your run, because you want to finish with a strong burst. Think of how good it would feel to finish with a strong run! Better yet, how about running faster at the end than when you started?

    According to multiple recent reports, runners get a huge psychological boost from a strong finish. In addition, finishing on a high note also means you’ll be happier with your performance and have positive thoughts towards that carry over to the next time you run, thereby making it easier to get out of the house and back on the run…

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