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    How to motivate yourself to reach your health goals

    By Team CoachList

    How to motivate yourself to reach your health goals

    Summary: To help take the first step when starting a new workout, book a non-refundable class, create a reward for yourself, connect with similarly motivated people and begin your day with a favorite song.

    ‘The first step is always the hardest step,’ they say, and nothing can be more true when you’re trying to get a new workout plan started.

    What can you do to get the ball rolling? How can you stay committed to your routine?

    Don’t fret, here are four ways you can push yourself into making this happen…

    1) Give Yourself a Real Reward!

    If you prefer the term “bribe,” that can work too. Either way, the method is proven! You’ll have the motivation to claim the reward you use to tempt yourself.

    Setting rewards for accomplishing even the smallest tasks eventually help you hit the goals you set. Just make sure the prize isn’t something that counteracts all the work you just put in, like a full chocolate cake for a 5-minute run…

    2) Find a Fitness Tribe!

    If you can find a group of people with similar goals, you can work and motivate one another to make healthier decisions together, schedule workouts and meet your goals. The point is, group up with people making similarly healthy choices because that will begin to influence your decisions.

    Nutrition and fitness author and consultant Elle Penner summed it up best, saying in her article fitness tribes, ‘It’s more fun, more doable, and more sustainable over time to be healthy social vs. solo.”

    3) Start the Day with a Song!

    Nothing gets blood and adrenaline going more than a favorite workout song. But, sometimes finding the motivation to get going can be a problem.

    So, how can you get into the mood to workout early on in the day?

    Odds are you either use a smart device to wake you up, or you have it nearby. Don’t just set an alarm to wake up, but set the device to play one of your favorite, upbeat workout songs. You’ll notice a difference in how you feel physically and mentally!

    4) Book a Non-Refundable Class!

    Make a paid, concrete commitment. The schedule for the classes will be set. You’ll lock in where to be and when and lose money if you don’t show up. This should hopefully motivate you to take action, especially if it’s a class that is fun.

    Whatever your athletic training needs – from lessons for children to athletic training to help you compete at the highest level – and everything in between – CoachList can find you the right Sports Service Provider to help you and your family attain your athletic goals!

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