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    • Five tips on how to fit a workout into your busy schedule

    Five tips on how to fit a workout into your busy schedule

    By Team CoachList

    Five tips on how to fit a workout into your busy schedule

    Summary: You can motivate yourself and find time to work out by 1) Projecting out the next realistic chance you will get back to the gym; 2) Make working out an appointment; 3) Find a buddy and be accountable; 4) Sleep in your workout clothes; and 5) Be productive and multitask…

    Time may be limited, but it’s limited for everyone, which means even you can make time to hit the gym, squeeze in a run or take a bike ride. For instance…

    1) Remind and repeat to yourself that you’re busy!

    Though reminding and repeating to yourself how busy you are may seem counterintuitive, it can actually be helpful. How? Just when you are about to procrastinate and pass up your chance at a work out, think about when your next realistic chance will be to lift, run, walk, etc.

    If your schedule is so packed that the next chance is multiple days away, it is easier to convince yourself that right now, this moment, is the right time to take action and do something smart for your health and wellness…

    2) Create your entire schedule for the week!

    In advance of the week, lay out on a calendar everything you need to get done during the next few weeks, noting work appointments and deadlines, meetings, personal to-do items, classes, social visits, grocery shopping, TV shows you want to watch, and so on…

    Look closely and you will white space and available gaps where you can schedule in a workout. It may be a full hour or just a small 15-minute window in the middle of a random day, but you will see the time is available, despite you initially thinking it isn’t…

    3) Use a buddy system!

    This can work in a few different ways depending on the kind of person you are and what kind of motivation you need. However, buddying up with be a major help to have someone to be accountable to that can push you to find the time to workout.

    He or she could be a friend you know only online. It could be someone you speak with or see regularly in your personal life. It could be somebody with a similarly busy, who you can work with to organize your schedules.

    The point is, regardless of the person’s relationship to you, whether it’s a friend online or offline, make sure he or she is someone that you don’t want to let down.

    4) Sleep in your workout clothes!

    By sleeping in clean your workout clothes, you can wake up, roll out of bed and get moving. It’s a simple tactic that only requires that you leave your house! That’s it. Run, bike, gym, whatever it is you are headed out to do, you are already dressed for the occasion.

    5) Multitasking never hurt anyone!

    People tend to workout harder when focused on something else, a recent study revealed. So, instead of staring at a wall thinking about how much longer is left in your workout, while on the elliptical, go through your emails. Or, read the news on the bike, watch your favorite evening show on the treadmill…

    Better yet, when working out, do our above second suggestion and make progress on your schedule for the week!

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