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    • Four basketball workouts to keep you in shape during the offseason

    Four basketball workouts to keep you in shape during the offseason

    By Team CoachList

    Four basketball workouts to keep you in shape during the offseason

    Summary: By implementing programs for stretching and yoga, agility and running, weights, and plyometrics, basketball players of all levels can further develop their game during the offseason… 

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    Just because there’s no collegiate or NBA basketball during the summer doesn’t mean players have to take a break. Basketball never stops! And, frankly, the players can’t either.

    As Mauro Di Pasquale, former strength and conditioning coach in the NBA said, “Basketball is a sport that taxes nearly every system in the body … as it requires speed, strength, stamina, explosiveness, power, and amazing hand-eye coordination.”

    In other words, players need to continually work on all facets of their physical game to not falter in any of the above areas.

    Here are four workouts and tips that can keep basketball players of all levels active and further develop their game during the offseason…

    1) Yoga!

    It may not sound like a natural fit for basketball, but a good stretching and yoga program can benefit basketball players of all ages. Yoga’s slow, focused movements improve a person’s overall flexibility while boosting core strength. Plus, the stretching helps prevent cramping and muscle tears whether in season or offseason.

    To find more basketball-related yoga moves, check out this article on Men’s Health.

    2) Agility and Running!

    It’s a necessity to continually work on the strength and stamina of your legs. Any basketball player needs to be prepared to go from zero to full sprint at any moment, as well as endure long periods of running.

    Each regimen will differ between each player and body type, so be sure your workout is meeting your specific skill and needs.

    To find basic workouts for all players, check out this article from the National Academy of Sports Medicine

    3) Weight training!

    Although basketball is a speed-based sport, strength is just as important as agility. Players are constantly fighting for position on the court, including boxing-out and posting up.

    To find strength training workout routines made specifically for basketball, check out this list designed by world champion powerlifter Di Pasquale

    4) Plyometric Exercises!

    It’s always helpful to have height as a basketball player, but it means nothing if you can’t jump. Better yet, shorter players can still compete in the NBA if they have the ability to jump – just watch highlights of players like Nate Robinson.

    Vertical leap and explosiveness are essential to success as a basketball player, and plyometrics can help attain both skills.

    To read articles with plyometric exercises for players of any skill level, check out this collection from Stack

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