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    • These 3 traits can make or break your coaching business

    These 3 traits can make or break your coaching business

    By Team CoachList

    These 3 traits can make or break your coaching business

    Summary: To be an authentic, successful coach, you need to do more than talk the talk, you need to walk the walk, be an example of your advice, and you need to stick to what you know… 

    You’re ready to grow your coaching business and drop knowledge on your future clients. That’s great! But before you do, check these three basic tips to make your growing business successful…

    1) Be your customer!

    What do you think potential clients look at when picking their next coach? That’s something you need to constantly ask yourself as you promote your personal business.

    From how you portray yourself to what content you share through your social media channels, your customers want to see that you know your advice and concepts and that you are the best fit for what they need. 

    In other words, walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk… Everybody wants to learn from those who (successfully) practice what he or she preaches…

    2) Stay in your wheelhouse!

    Most coaches will instruct their athletes to stick to core strengths and capabilities, and then slowly build upon that skillset. The same also goes for the coach…

    A baseball hitting coach may also know how to pitch. A football defensive line coach may know how wide receivers practice. However, that doesn’t these coaches know how to properly train athletes to excel as pitchers or receiversIt may be that you empathize with a potential client’s story, or you may be eager to take on work outside your area of expertise just to make the money, but by doing so you’ll be wasting your time and client’s money if you can’t deliver. Instead, go with what you know and everyone involved will be more likely to win…

    3) Be honest, keep your promises!

    Be honest about your services and potential. More importantly, if you promise to provide weekly check ins, or daily updates, do it. If you don’t, the blame for any lack of success will be justifiably on your shoulders. 

    Remember, even in a digital age, word of mouth marketing is still powerful! It takes one post or tweet to make (or break) your business and reputation. Stick to your niche, deliver, show results and clients will be proud to let people know who is responsible…

    Whatever your athletic training needs – from lessons for children to athletic training to help you compete at the highest level – and everything in between – CoachList can find you the right Sports Service Provider to help you and your family attain your athletic goals!

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